It has been absolutely gorgeous weather here in the UK so I thought this would be the perfect chance to get our blog up and running again! Have you missed us?!

There is nothing I love more than when we get a heatwave. I just love getting out my summer clothes and wearing them at home! Yesterday was the warmest day and I thought I’d show you exactly what I was wearing. Just so you can get an idea of what I was up to…

My day

My Mum and Dad were both at work and I wasn’t feeling my best so I wasn’t working either! I’d spent the morning cooped up in my bed because I was feeling poorly but then I thought I’d better open my curtains and do something useful with my day. I then realised how beautiful the weather was and couldn’t resist going outside in it!
The day before, me and my Mum had gone and bought some sun loungers so before I knew it, I was lounged out in the sun with a glass of iced lemonade and a colouring book!
I spent the day relaxing; colouring in, editing on my laptop, sipping on ice cold drinks and most importantly catching some sun! (Hopefully getting a tan!) Sometimes I actually think I’m my happiest when the suns out. Please tell me you agree?
I just really loved sitting out in the sun and doing nothing. I always feel really lethargic when I’m played in the sun, it makes me so sleepy!
I don’t know if its just me but you know when you sit there in the sun, look up at the sky and genuinely think there is nothing better than where you are at that moment? I love that feeling.

So, onto what you’ve been waiting for…my outfit!

What was I wearing?

IMG_1280IMG_1299TOP-PRIMARK £4.00IMG_1290SHORTS:  H&M £19.99IMG_1271

I love doing posts like this, just chilled out ones where you can see what I’ve been wearing. Maybe I’ll do them more?



Thank you for reading, lots of love,

Leah x



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