New drugstore make up!


It’s the start of a new season and drugstores here in England are starting to bring out some new make up products…which is very exciting!

I took a trip to Boots and made some purchases on the newest items on the shelves. I’ve been feeling really experimental recently and have been wanting to try out new products! After trailing and testing them I have picked out my favourite 3 products to tell you about…

The first thing I have been really liking is the ‘Max Factor All Day Facefinity’ primer. Primers are the one thing I have never been too fussed over and never really gotten excited about. However, I am genuinely impressed by this one! I picked it up purely because it stood out to me and as I’ve said, I have been feeling very experimental and so I wanting to try it out!


I really like the consistency of the product – it feels like a mixture between a moisturiser and your average primer. It comes out of the bottle as a white colour but then when it moisturises into your skin it turns clear and blends in.


I think the reason I like this so much is because it doesn’t take long to dry. Normally with primers and moisturisers I seem to leave them ages before I can apply my make up so that they’ve properly sinked into my skin. But this one drys super quick and therefore makes it a really quick and easy step to add to your make up routine!

The next thing I have been loving is this Stila blush in ‘pink glow’. (Stilla is available at Boots incase you’re wondering!) To start with I would just like you to take a minute to appreciate how stunning the appearance of this is…I personally think it looks gorgeous!


It’s a baked cheek duo, combining a darker pink blush with a brighter pink highlighter.

I have been loving the shimmer it brings to my make up look, although if you apply that little bit too much, you can turn into a glitter bomb! Then the lighter pink colour is great for a highlighter!


Stilla is a brand I have never tried before so I am thoroughly impressed with the first product I’ve tried.

The final addition to my make up bag is this Revlon lipgloss in the shade 570 ‘S mokey Topaz’.


I had been in search of an inexpensive browny lipgloss from a drugstore and struggled to find one that I really liked. But I found one!


This feels really glossy and moisturising on your lips and unlike the average drugstore lipgloss, the glossy feel actually stays for a long time (even if you eat wearing the lipgloss!). There is a range of really nice colours in this collection of lip glosses that would all look really nice in Spring.

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Lipgloss –




Thank you for reading! What drugstore products have you been loving?

Love always,

Leah x