No more dry lips! | Clarins lip oil


It’s winter, the season where my lips get so dry with the cold weather, I seem to spend all my time applying Vaseline to try moisturise them! Is it just me, or are you always trying to find that one product that not only stops the dryness but prevents it too? Well, I think I’ve found it…

Clarins lip oil has started to be raved about online and that’s how I found out about it. You can buy it in two flavours: raspberry or honey, I have raspberry (which is why it’s this pink colour!)

The oil has a thick texture and goes on like thick oil. But, don’t worry! Its not how it sounds! Its a really nice consistency that leaves your lips feeling so moisturised. 

It comes with a thick applicator thats so soft and different to any other lip balms/oils I’ve used before. It smells amazing too!

I’ve never found something to be so effective for my lips and I’ll carry on using this all the way throughout the year. It leaves your lips looking so shiny, you could actually just use this as lipgloss!

You can find it here at the price of £18.00 which is pricey, but its worth every penny if you suffer from dry lips!

Thank you for reading, whats your favourite lip care product?

Love always,

Leah xxx